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We aim for perfection from every point of view, especially yours. We perform colour correction on every single photo, Change of colour to sepia or black and white balancing light, saturation, white balancing and correction of contrast to obtain chromatically perfect images. Complexions and shadows are then meticulously corrected manually to the highest standard.

Our layouts are designed from scratch by our Album Designers, who are experienced in creating Personalised Story Telling Designs with yours best images. There is no limit to the design styles that we can achieve. You can let us know exactly what you like, or we can emulate an existing design styles for you.Normally the designing of whole album is according to one style. Whereas we design the layouts according to the need of the function like the Bride Groom Portrait sheets are designed with more of blending and mixing backgrounds.

Paper finish
Matte, Matte with UV coating, Gloss with UV coating, Metallic with UV coating.

Printing is the final step in bringing your book to life. We use the best Photographic and Digital printing solutions with advanced technology.

Sood Studios team make sure your photo last. The special process puts the perfect amount of pressure on the photo without damaging the protective film or expelling the emulsion.Bend- continues spread no cut in the centre.Splicing from centre- There will be a cut in the centre without cutting and damaging the picture.

Sood Studios use a special heat binding method by inserting Easy sheet imported from Italy between the prints that are then put in an oven, the result is a sturdy page without the unpleasant ‘wave’ effect. Heat Binding produces a book that is not only more appealing to touch and look at, but longer lasting, too. We bind our albums with 140gsm easy sheet or 300gsm Black/white easy sheet.